Following an accidental discharge of a reportable quantity of a hazardous material, sewage, or an unknown material, the following applies (Wat. Code, ยง 13271):

As soon as (A) discharger has knowledge of the discharge or noncompliance, (B) notification is possible, and (C) notification can be provided without substantially impeding cleanup or other emergency measures then:

– first call – 911 (to notify local response agency)

– then call – Office of Emergency Services (OES) State Warning Center at: (800) 852-7550 or (916) 845-8911

– Lastly, follow the required OES procedures as set forth in:
Feb2014_FINAL_BW_Acc.pdf Following notification to OES, the discharger will notify the State or Regional Board (and other agencies requiring notification in their respective permits), as soon as practicable (ideally within 24 hours). Notification may be via telephone, e-mail, delivered written notice, or other verifiable means.