South Coast NMFS PBO

What this permitting pathway covers

The South Coast NMFS Biological Opinion (PBO) provides coverage under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act for National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) species for projects in the South Coast region. Using this pathway is a faster and lower-cost process than writing an individual biological assessment and receiving a separate biological opinion for your project.

How to use this tool for the South Coast NMFS PBO

  • Use the questions below to filter the list of protection measures from Appendix B of the PBO based on the attributes of your project.
  • Once downloaded, closely review the list generated to ensure the measures apply to your project-specific conditions and propose modified measures as appropriate.
  • Contact Ruth Goodfield, Marine Habitat Resource Specialist, NOAA Restoration Center (RC) at to discuss your project and applicable protection measures. Specific measures may be altered, added, or removed on an individual project basis with the approval of the NOAA RC and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in coordination with NMFS West Coast Region California Coastal Office.
  • Submittal requirements include a description of applicable protection measures incorporated into the project.


Does your project involve in-water work?

Does your project involve cofferdams and/or dewatering?

Does your project involve in-water concrete use?

Does your project involve the use of mechanized equipment or ground disturbance?

Does your project disturb riparian vegetation?

Does your project involve road modification, repair, or decommissioning activities?

Does your project involve small dam removal?

List of Measures

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