State Water Board SRGO Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) – Species Protection Measures

What this CEQA compliance pathway covers

A more cost-effective and efficient compliance method to meet California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements for restoration by utilizing the analyses completed and information contained in the Statewide Restoration General Order (SRGO) PEIR, and if needed, by doing only supplemental analyses for impacts that are not covered by the PEIR. Actions or supplemental analyses may be prepared, such as completing a memo to file/ findings, addendum, or supplemental EIR.

To utilize the CEQA document, follow the steps as described below and as outlined in Figure ES-2 Restoration Projects Statewide Order CEQA Process Flow Chart on page ES-4 of the Executive Summary.

NOTE: This web tool does NOT include Mitigation Measures from Appendix J. Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program. Review those mitigation measures for applicability to your project, in addition to using this web tool for general protection measures and species protection measures.

How to use this tool for the SRGO PEIR


Select the species guilds that have the potential to be present on the project site.

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