USFWS Statewide Restoration Programmatic Biological Opinion (PBO) – Species Protection Measures

How to use this tool for the USFWS Statewide Restoration PBO

  • Obtain an Official Species List from the USFWS Information for Planning and Consultation (IPac) online tool to identify the listed species of interest and evaluate their potential to occur on the project site.
  • Click the “Filter for your needs” button below and use this tool to generate a list of measures relevant to the guilds/species that will be affected by the project from Attachment to Appendix A: Protection Measures of the PBO.
  • Once downloaded, closely review and further refine the list of species protection measures, along with the list of General Protection Measures generated by this web tool to propose which measures you plan to implement, which may not be applicable, and proposed modifications to any measures. Take the species work windows into consideration when planning your project.
  • In coordination with your Lead Agency, initiate Technical Assistance with the appropriate USFWS Ecological Services (ES) Field Office as necessary to discuss project-specific needs and/or identify the applicable General and Species Protection Measures. USFWS Field Offices have the discretion to approve projects with variations to the protection measures based on site and project-specific conditions.
  • When filling out the Species Protection Measures section of the ESA Section 7(a)(2) Review Form for your project, indicate which All Species Measures will be implemented, are not applicable, or for which a modified measure has been proposed.
  • For Guild Measures and Species-Specific Measures, complete Guild and Species-Specific Measures checklists only for guilds/species that will be affected by the project. If a guild will not be affected, write N at the beginning of that section and proceed to the next guild.
  • Include any modified measures in the project description. All required plans (e.g. herbicide use plan, capture and relocation plan, monitoring plan) should also be included as a part of the project description.