Airborne Noise Reduction

Equipment (including the noise abatement systems) will be maintained in good working order. If construction noise has the potential to adversely affect Covered Species, the Project Proponent will include site-specific protection measures for construction activities in the Project ESA Section 7(a)(2) Review Form to minimize impacts. Muffler (or spark arrester) damage must be promptly remedied.

Potential adverse effects from project-related noise should be avoided or minimized to the maximum extent practicable by implementing sufficient disturbance buffers between noisegenerating project activities and covered amphibian, bird, and mammal species habitat. When applicable, species-specific noise buffer distances are provided in Section, Guild and Species-Specific Protection Measures. Noise buffer distances are distinct from other indicated buffer distances in Section, which may relate to an area involving dispersal, visual disturbance, or other considerations; however, incorporating the larger of two buffer distances will provide buffer for both purposes. Noise buffer distances may be modified in coordination with the USFWS Field Office based on project specific characteristics or a Project Proponent/Action Agency may choose to submit their own analysis and buffer recommendations for the USFWS’s consideration. If sufficient buffers cannot be implemented, the proposed activities may lead to adverse effects, including possible incidental take.