Clearing and Grubbing Vegetation

A Qualified Biologist will be present during all vegetation clearing and grubbing activities in areas where the Covered reptiles (as identified in Table 6) are confirmed to occur, or where measures are being implemented based on presence of suitable habitat. Before vegetation removal, the Qualified Biologist will thoroughly survey the area for these species. Vegetation in sensitive areas will be cleared by handheld motorized tools (e.g., weed eaters or chainsaws) or by hand pulling, unless alternate methods are proposed by the Project Proponent and approved by USFWS. Tree stumps and roots will be left in place to avoid any ground disturbance and preserve refugia habitat, with the exception of nonnative invasive plants that could propagate from remaining vegetative material. Native branches, leaf litter, mulch, woody debris, and other vegetative trimmings may be retained and spread on site to enhance habitat as appropriate.