Dredging Operations and Dredging Materials Reuse Plan

Project proponent will develop and implement a dredging operations and dredging materials management plan to minimize the effects that could occur during dredging operations and material reuse and disposal. If material is being imported from off-site or if there are specific concerns about residual contaminants in the soil from historic land use activities (which can be determined on a site-specific basis in collaboration with the approving Water Board), the plan will describe a sampling program for conducting physical and chemical analyses of sediments before import and/or disturbance. It will also describe BMPs to be implemented during dredging operations (e.g., using less intrusive dredging procedures, properly containing dredging spoils and water, using silt curtains, methods to minimize turbidity, and timing dredging activity to coincide with low flows). The plan also will describe methods to evaluate the suitability of dredged material for reuse and disposal.