Encounters with Species

Each encounter with a special-status amphibian will be treated on a case-by-case basis. If any life stage of the special-status amphibian species is found and these individuals may potentially be killed or injured by work activities, the following will apply:

– If a special-status amphibian is detected in the project area, work activities within 50 feet of the individual that may potentially be harmed, injured, or killed will cease immediately and the agency-approved biologist will be notified. Based on the professional judgment of the agency-approved biologist, if project activities can be conducted without harming or injuring the species, it may be left at the location of discovery and monitored by the agency-approved biologist. All project personnel will be notified of the finding and at no time will work occur within 50 feet of a species without agency-approved biologist present.

– Where practicable, contact with the special-status amphibian will be avoided and it will be allowed to move out of the potentially hazardous situation of its own volition. Allowing a special-status amphibian to move out of the potentially hazardous situation of its own volition may not be appropriate for multi-day projects because they could stay or move back into the project site. If there is an immediate hazard or if there is no suitable, accessible habitat nearby for the amphibian to relocate to, it will be moved following approved handling protocol (AMP-0011).