Environmental Awareness Training

For projects occurring where Covered Species are likely to be present, prior to engaging existing or new personnel in construction activities, new construction personnel will participate in environmental awareness training conducted by a Qualified Biologist. Construction personnel will be informed regarding the identification, potential presence, habitat requirements, legal protections, avoidance and minimization measures, and applicable protection measures for Covered Species with the potential to occur in or immediately adjacent to the project site. Construction personnel will be informed of the procedures to follow should a Covered Species be encountered during construction activities. For projects where the Qualified Biologist is not regularly on the project site, training may be provided in an online/virtual meeting. For projects that may continue over an extended duration and require excessive training events, a training video developed under the supervision of the Qualified Biologist may be used to train new personnel, as long as a Qualified Biologist is available by phone to answer questions about the training or to answer questions that may arise during construction.