Environmentally Sensitive and Wildlife Exclusion Area

Prior to the start of construction, SPM-002, Environmentally Sensitive and Wildlife Exclusion will be implemented. In addition, the following applies:

– For the giant garter snake, fencing and/or monitoring will be implemented in coordination with the agency-approved biologist prior to the start of grounddisturbing activities.

If fencing is used the fencing will be inspected by the agency-approved biologist before the start of each work day and maintained by the project proponent until completion of the project. The fencing will be removed after all construction equipment is removed from those segments of the project. To prevent reptiles from becoming entangled, trapped, or injured, fencing materials that use plastic or synthetic monofilament netting will not be used. Acceptable materials include natural fibers such as jute, coconut, twine, or other similar fibers.