Environmentally Sensitive Areas and/or Wildlife Exclusion

Monitoring, flagging, and/or fencing will be used to minimize disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., waters and wetlands). This measure augments GPM-7 (Appendix E), which applies to sensitive aquatic resources.

If fencing is used:
– The agency-approved biologist or resource specialist will determine the location of the fencing prior to the start of construction (e.g., between active work area(s) and sensitive resources).

– Fencing will remain in place throughout the duration of the construction activities, and will be inspected and maintained regularly by the agency-approved biologist or resource specialist until completion of the project.

– Repairs to the fencing will be made within 24 hours of discovery.

– Fencing will be removed when all construction equipment is removed from the site, and the area cleared of debris and trash, and returned to natural conditions.