Monitoring, flagging, or fencing will be used, where appropriate, to minimize disturbance to environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., waters and wetlands).

If fencing is used:
– Fencing used must be approved by CDFW and/or USFWS for compatibility with species under their jurisdiction, as applicable, that may occur on site.

– The agency-approved biologist or resource specialist will determine the location of fencing prior to the start of construction (e.g., between active work area(s) and sensitive resources).

– Fencing will remain in place throughout the duration of the construction activities and will be inspected and maintained regularly by the agencyapproved biologist or resource specialist until completion of the project.

– Repairs to the fencing will be made within 24 hours of discovering any failure.

– Fencing will be removed when all construction equipment is removed from the site, the area is cleared of debris and trash, and the area is returned to natural conditions.