Fish Relocation using Electrofishing

The following methods shall be used if fish are relocated via electrofishing:
1. All electrofishing will be conducted according to NMFS’ Guidelines for Electrofishing Waters Containing Salmonids Listed Under the Endangered Species Act (NMFS 2000), including modifications for South Central and Southern California streams
2. The backpack electrofisher shall be set as follows when capturing fish: Voltage setting on the electrofisher shall not exceed 300 volts.
Initial Maximum
A) Voltage: 100 Volts 300 Volts
B) Duration: 500 μs (microseconds) 5 ms (milliseconds)
C) Frequency: 30 Hertz 30 Hertz
3. A minimum of three passes with the electrofisher shall be utilized to ensure maximum capture probability of steelhead within the area proposed for dewatering.
4. Water temperature, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity shall be recorded in an electrofishing log book, along with electrofishing settings.
5. A minimum of one assistant shall aid the fisheries biologist by netting stunned fish and other aquatic vertebrates.