Habitat Assessment and Surveys

For projects that may result in impacts to aquatic habitat within the range of covered fish species, no less than 30 days prior to construction of the project, the Project Proponent will evaluate the potential for covered fish species to be present in the project area. The evaluation may be based on existing information if sufficiently available, or the Project Proponent may conduct a habitat assessment or focused survey for those species, if appropriate. An example where it may not be appropriate to conduct a survey is when electrofishing or seining could result in mortality (e.g., mortality of tidewater goby), and it is preferred to assume species presence. The habitat assessment and/or survey will be conducted in potentially suitable aquatic habitat within 300 feet of the proposed project. The Qualified Biologist will conduct the habitat assessment and/or fish survey and will adhere to the standards provided in the CDFW California Salmonid Stream Habitat Restoration Manual 4th Edition Volume I: Section IV (CDFW 2010). If Covered fish species are observed during the survey or the habitat is otherwise potentially occupied, based on the results of the habitat assessment or existing information, the Project Proponent will implement FISH-3, Fish Capture and Relocation, as described below.