Habitat Avoidance and Work Window

Ground disturbance and vegetation clearing in scrub/chaparral habitat will be avoided to the maximum extent possible. Project activities in suitable habitat in the currently occupied range of the species where Alameda whipsnake is known to be or may be present will be confined to April 1 through October 31.* To the extent practicable, all rock outcrops will be avoided. Not to exceed the self-imposed take limit of injury or mortality to no more than four adults or juveniles/hatchlings annually. The self-imposed take limit also requires no net loss of habitat through the protection measures and/or offsetting impacts with habitat restoration or enhancement.

* Extended or alternative work windows may be considered on an individual project basis with prior approval from USFWS ES, provided the Project Proponent can demonstrate that measures implemented to avoid or minimize exposure would do so at a level commensurate with the standard work windows.