Habitat Avoidance (Occupied Habitat)

If occupied riparian woodrat or riparian brush rabbit habitat is present, or the habitat is assumed to be occupied, the Project Proponent will establish avoidance areas as follows:

– Project activities will be isolated from suitable riparian habitat that contains rabbit dens or woodrat middens, using ESAF.

– If lighting is required during construction, all lights will be screened, and directed down toward work activities and away from riparian habitat that is occupied or assumed to be occupied. A USFWS-Approved Biologist will ensure that lights are properly directed at all times.

– Not to exceed the self-imposed take limit of injury or mortality to no more than two individuals. The local USFWS Field Office and Project Proponent will work together during the ESA Section 7(a)(2) Review Form process to ensure an individual project does not adversely affect a significant portion of a population in the project area.