Habitat Avoidance (Unoccupied Suitable Habitat)

If the suitable habitat is determined through surveys to be unoccupied, Project Proponent will implement the following measures (as appropriate) to minimize long-term effects on the habitat, and to allow the proposed project to provide for the recovery of the species:

– Floodplain restoration projects will be designed to minimize the removal of mature native vegetation in areas providing suitable habitat.

– Refugia from flood events in the restored floodplains will be included for individuals of these species that may come to occupy the area. Design considerations for refugia include distance between refugia (or travel time for target species to reach refugia), size of refugia (or ability of vegetation on refugia to provide cover and support nutritional needs of target species throughout flood season), connectivity of refugia to permanent high ground (for target species to escape from flooding), and/or accessibility by boat (to allow resource managers access to refugia if needed).