Habitat Protection

Disturbance to low-velocity pool and run habitats occupied by shrimp, including all areas with undercut banks or vegetation overhanging into the water, will be avoided to the extent practicable. Disturbance and removal of aquatic vegetation will be minimized to the extent practicable. There will be no net loss of large woody debris in the active (wetted) channels. Trees may be removed for access routes for construction equipment. If trees need to be removed from other portions of the project site, willows greater than 3 inches in diameter at breast height will be left in place as is practicable, and the canopy cover provided by hardwoods or conifers will not be reduced unless necessary for access or other unforeseen circumstance. To the extent practicable when vegetation removal is required, willow crowns and roots will be left in place to allow for post-construction resprouting and reestablishment. Downed trees, stumps, and other habitat features and refuges in aquatic habitats will remain undisturbed as much as possible.