Hazardous Materials Management and Spill Response Plan

As part of the SWPPP or Erosion Control Plan (WQHM-2 and WQHM-3), project proponent will prepare and implement a hazardous materials management and spill response plan. Project proponent will ensure that any hazardous materials are stored at the staging area(s) with an impermeable membrane between the ground and hazardous material and that the staging area is designed to prevent the discharge of pollutants to groundwater and runoff water. Project proponent will stop work, follow the spill response plan, and arrange for repair and clean up by qualified individuals of any fuel or hazardous waste leaks or spills. (See WQHM-6. Accidental Discharge of Hazardous Materials for accidental discharges of a reportable quantity of a hazardous material, sewage, or an unknown material.) Project proponent will notify regulatory agencies within 24 hours of any leaks or spills. Project proponent will properly contain and dispose of any unused or leftover hazardous products off-site. Project proponent will use and store hazardous materials, such as vehicle fuels and lubricants, in designated staging areas located away from stream channels and wetlands, according to local, state, and federal regulations, as applicable. Also see GPM-10: Equipment Maintenance and Materials Storage for more detail on spill prevention.