Herbicide Application, Clearing, and Ground Disturbance

If mechanical removal is not effective, or could damage sensitive habitats, limited herbicide application may occur as noted below and in accordance with General Protection Measures VHDR-6 through VHDR-8 (Appendix E), wind speed limitations during herbicide application.

– To avoid impacts to other special-status species (non-vernal pool species), the following protections will be applied:

– Backpack and hand-held herbicide application, if applied in dry conditions, is prohibited within 5 feet of any special-status plant. Protect special-status plants from herbicide drift (e.g., cover with plastic when spraying or use a wick applicator).

– Broadcast and power spray herbicide application is prohibited; and

– Ground disturbing activities are prohibited within 5 feet of senesced annual and perennial plants and within 10 feet of perennial plants. Ground disturbance should occur outside of the dripline of any woody species identified for avoidance.