Herbicide Application Planning

Written chemical application, monitoring, and reporting prescriptions will be provided to each Project Proponent from a certified Pest Control Advisor (PCA) (CEPA 2011). The PCA will ensure that legal, appropriate, and effective chemicals are used, with appropriate methodologies. Field scouting must be done before application; the licensed Applicator (CEPA 2011) must be on site to lead all applications and will adhere to the PCA prescription and standard protection measures for application. Prior to field scouting or application, the PCA should receive Environmental Awareness Training (see GPM-004, Environmental Awareness Training) for the project so that they are aware of Covered Species and habitats present at the project site. The PCA monitoring prescription should address timing necessary to evaluate and report target species efficacy as well as any nontarget plant and animal effects. As applicable, Best Management Practices for Wildland Stewardship: Protecting Wildlife When Using Herbicides for Invasive Plant Management (Cal-IPC 2015 or the most recent version) will be followed. If the guidance cannot be followed as applicable, then a project specific IPM Plan will also be submitted with the ESA Section 7(a)(2) Review Form.