Project proponents will develop a plan for pile-driving activities to minimize impacts to special-status species and submit it to relevant agencies for approval prior to the start of inwater pile driving activities. Measures will be implemented to minimize underwater sound pressure to levels below fish thresholds for peak pressure and accumulated sound exposure levels. Thresholds levels for special-status fish under NMFS jurisdiction are established in the Fisheries Acoustic Work Group’s Agreement in Principle for Interim Criteria for Injury to Fish from Pile Driving Activities (FAWG 2008) and may be used as a guideline for special-status fish. The plan will describe the least impactful method to aquatic organisms, and will identify the number, type, and size of piles, estimated sound levels caused by the driving, how many piles will be driven each day, qualifications of monitors, any other relevant details on the nature of the pile driving activity, and the actions that will be taken to ensure a project stays within the required sound exposure thresholds.