Minimize Impacts During Clearing

This measure only applies to areas where there are burrows, cracks, and structures that can provide underground refugia that giant garter snakes can use. During the snake active period (May 1 through October 1), installation of erosion control BMPs, vegetation clearing in or adjacent to aquatic habitat, and the establishment of staging areas within 100 feet of aquatic habitat will occur between 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., when snakes are most likely to be above ground and active. Time restrictions are only for initial ground disturbance and BMP installation for a given area. A Qualified Biologist will be present during vegetation removal in giant garter snake habitat and during construction activities adjacent to aquatic habitat. The Qualified Biologist will walk ahead of the removal of emergent wetland and herbaceous upland vegetation. Ground disturbance will be confined to the minimal area necessary to facilitate construction activities. Movement of heavy equipment will be confined to existing or temporary interior roads. A 15-day lag time will elapse between the completion of above-ground vegetation removal and commencement of root-zone grubbing activities, to allow snakes that may be present in the immediate area to move to other more suitable habitat.