Nonnative Animal Removals

During electrofishing activities, in or near California red-legged frog occupied habitat, a USFWS-Approved Biologist will precede the electrofishing crew and survey for California red-legged frogs. If any California red-legged frogs are detected, they will be captured and held outside the waterbody until the electrofishing activities at that location have been completed. All individuals would then be immediately returned to the point of capture. California red-legged frog tadpoles will not be removed from habitat during electrofishing. If a tadpole is shocked then it should be captured (e.g., placed in shallow container) and monitored until it regains function, and then released at point of capture. If it does not regain function then should be reported as a mortality. If California red-legged frogs are detected but escape capture, the USFWS-Approved Biologist will determine measures for avoiding or minimizing impacts to individuals (i.e., leave the area or limit the duration of shocking pulses).