Preconstruction Surveys

If special-status plants are present and/or specialstatus terrestrial animal species habitat is present (e.g., stationary habitat such as burrows, bird nests, cavities for bats, etc.), where appropriate, based on project-specific requirements, a qualified, agency-approved biologist with experience on the identification of all applicable life stages of the special-status species will conduct reconnaissance-level preconstruction surveys and implement additional measures, as appropriate, to protect the species from construction-related disturbance before work begins. The intent of the survey is to assess current species habitat and use locations in the project area immediately prior to construction. Special-status plant species surveys shall be conducted in the appropriate blooming period, as applicable, prior to the start of construction for proper plant identification. If construction activities cease for more than five consecutive days, and there is potential for special-status species to re-occupy the site, the agency-approved biologist will re-survey the project area and implement measures, as appropriate. A project proponent can choose to assume animal species presence, forgo preconstruction surveys, and implement additional protection measures, as appropriate, to protect special status species from construction-related disturbance. Additional species guild-specific pre-construction requirements are described below and may supersede this general species protection measure, as applicable.