Project Designs Prior to Work

Project applicants are required to provide project designs to RC technical monitors prior to project approval and implementation. A NMFS or CDFW engineer will be given the chance to review and comment on all project designs and decide level of review. Data requirements and analysis to be provided with dam removal project design should attempt to meet NMFS 2011 Anadromous Salmonid Passage Facility Design (NMFS 2011 Guidelines). If proposed project designs do not meet the NMFS 2011 Guidelines, a variance may be explored and granted at the discretion of RC and NMFS engineers if there is a clear benefit to fish passage. Applicants will be required to implement the RC Fish Passage Barrier Removal Performance Measures and Monitoring Worksheet (Fish Passage Barrier Removal Worksheet can be found at: http://www.habitat.noaa.gov/toolkits/restoration_center_toolkits/forms_and _guidance_documents/ori_monitoring_sheet_w_guidance.pdf ) that includes regionally appropriate fish passage criteria for fish passage projects, and which have been incorporated into the data needs described below.