Rain Event Limitations

To the maximum extent practicable, construction activities will be restricted to periods of low rainfall (less than 1″ per 24-hour period) and periods of dry weather (with less than a 50% chance of rain). During these restricted periods, under no circumstances will construction activities occur between 30 minutes prior to sunset and 30 minutes after sunrise (i.e., no night work during rain events). If rain exceeds 0.5 inch during a 24-hour period, work will cease until no further rain is forecast. Construction activities halted due to precipitation may resume when precipitation ceases and the National Weather Service 72-hour weather forecast indicates less than a 50% chance of 0.5 inch of rain or less during a 24-hour period. Prior to construction activities resuming, an agency-approved biologist will inspect the project area and all equipment/materials for the presence of special-status amphibians.