Revegetation Monitoring

For projects where re-vegetation is implemented to compensate for riparian vegetation impacted by project construction, a re-vegetation monitoring report will be required after 2 years to document success. Success is defined as 50% survival of plantings or 50% ground cover for broadcast planting of seed after a period of 2 years. If revegetation efforts will be passive (i.e. natural regeneration), success will be defined as total cover of woody and herbaceous material equal to or greater than pre-project conditions. If at the end of 2 years, the vegetation has not successfully been re-established, the applicant will be responsible for replacement planting, additional watering, weeding, invasive exotic eradication, or any other practice, to achieve these requirements. If success is not achieved within the first 2 years, the project applicant will need to prepare a follow-up report in an additional year’s time.