Species Handling and Relocation

Prior to construction, a USFWS-Approved Biologist will conduct construction crew training, in which individuals involved in construction will be provided a brief presentation about the biology of the Mount Hermon June beetle and shown pictures of the species during its various life stages in order to aid in its identification during construction. Construction personnel will be directed to cease work immediately and contact the USFWS-Approved Biologist to capture and relocate Mount Hermon June beetles, should one be observed within the project site. The Biologist will conduct regular inspections of the project site during construction to salvage and relocate individuals. Any potential larva or adult Mount Hermon June beetles encountered in an area that would be impacted by the proposed project will be relocated to intact habitat outside the impact area and re-buried at the approximate depth at which it was unearthed. If the Mount Hermon June beetle is found on the soil surface, then it will be relocated to a portion of the project site outside of the impact area and left on the soil surface in a location protected by vegetation. Not to exceed the self-imposed take limit of no more than 20 individuals injured or killed annually.