Work Area and Speed Limits

Construction work and materials staging will be restricted to the smallest area practicable in designated work areas, routes, staging areas, temporary interior roads, or the limits of existing roadways. Prior to initiating construction or grading activities, brightly colored fencing or flagging or other practical means will be erected to demarcate the limits of the project activities, including the boundaries of designated staging areas; ingress and egress corridors; stockpile areas for spoils disposal, soil, and materials; and equipment exclusion zones. Flagging or fencing will be maintained in good repair for the duration of project activities. Posted speed limits on public roadways will be adhered to and speeds will be limited to 20 miles per hour (mph) in the project area on unpaved surfaces and unpaved roads (to reduce dust and soil erosion), or in areas where Covered Species have the potential to occur. Speeds greater than 20 mph may be permitted in the project area where Covered Species are not expected to occur (e.g., in areas where Covered Species have been excluded) and there is no risk of generating excessive dust (e.g., surfaces are paved, saturated, or have been treated with other measures to prevent dust). Additional details are provided in Section, Guild- and Species-Specific Protection Measures, where applicable. See also IWW-004, In-Water Staging Areas and Use of Barges.