Work Restrictions During the Wet Season

Work should be planned to take place during the dry season whenever possible. If the Project Proponent determines that construction activities must occur during the October 15 through June 1 wet period, the ESAF and erosion control materials will be placed around vernal pools and other seasonal wetlands, as determined by the Qualified Biologist, to avoid sedimentation into vernal pool habitat or alteration of site hydrology. The fencing will provide a buffer between construction activities and the vernal pools and other seasonal wetlands. The Qualified Biologist will oversee the installation and maintenance of the fencing and monitor its integrity during construction, so that repairs can be made in a timely manner. If a 60% chance of 0.25 inch of rain or more within a 24-hour period is forecast, then operations will cease until 48 hours after rain has ceased. There will be no off-road traffic or other activities during the wet season in the vernal pool watershed that could negatively alter the hydrology of the vernal pool (e.g., by creating road ruts).