Work Window

Construction activities will occur when the reptiles are more active, capable of escape, more likely to avoid danger, and less likely to be affected by the Proposed Restoration Project. Project activities in suitable habitat within the currently occupied range of the species will be confined to April 15 through October 31.* Project activities will not occur during rain events or within the following 24 hours. Based on temperatures and snake activity observed at the project site in October during construction monitoring, and forecast temperatures for early November, the Project Proponent may request an extended work window, until November 15, subject to the review and written (e.g., email) approval of the USFWS Field Office.

* Extended or alternative work windows may be considered on an individual project basis with prior approval from USFWS ES, provided the Project Proponent can demonstrate that measures implemented to avoid or minimize exposure would do so at a level commensurate with the standard work windows.